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I am here by enrolling in one of the courses with Hands of Angels Healthcare & Training Institute LLC and my enrollment is subject to the terms and conditions stated in this enrollment agreement. Financial aid and placement assistance is not available for this class.
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We would like to thank you for enrolling with our school. If you have not yet submitted all your required documents, please submit all documents before your course is expected to begin to ensure your safety and successful completion of your selected program. The full tuition must be paid in full before the course begins. Additionally, the documents that are not submitted for the registration process will be needed before the start of the class. Once this form is completed an admissions representative will contact you to provide details. If you have any immediate questions or concerns please email us at or call us at 1-866-899-8950. Disclaimer

Additional Fees include purchase of the study guide at if interested in studying.

REFUND / CANCELLATION POLICIES: Hands of Angels Healthcare & Institute LLC has the right to cancel due to insufficient enrollment. Students will be notified if a class for which they have enrolled is cancelled. If a student has not been notified, he/she may assume the class will be held.

ATTENDANCE: Each student is expected to attend every class session. In the case of absence, the student should immediately notify the instructor. Every student assumes the responsibility of completing assigned work whether present or not.

Termination: if a student persistently fails to stay within the bounds of acceptable behavior, or does not meet tuition payment schedules, he/she may be terminated from the program.

Cancellation and Refund Transferrable Policy
This enrollment agreement may be canceled and transferred only for the individual that is under the contract to another program by notifying the Institution within 72 hours (3 Days) from the signing of Hands of Angels Healthcare & Training Institute LLC Contract if your training has not begun, your total credit is valid for up to 1-year from the signing of the contract date. This provision shall not apply if the student has already started academic classes, however if your training program started this program all monies paid by the student will be nonrefundable and nontransferable.
1. No refunds will be granted under any circumstances.
2. To withdraw from a class, students must notify Absolute Training Institute within 3 days prior to the start of the class.
3. In the event of a withdrawal, students will be granted credit towards another class, minus the cost of any study materials that have already been provided.
4. Credit granted will be valid for 1 year from the date of original registration.
Note: This policy is subject to change without notice. Absolute Training Institute reserves the right to modify or cancel classes and events, and to make changes to this policy.

I agree and understand that the program that I am about to enroll in is selected by me and all communications related to the program will be made via email or telephone. I also agree and confirm that I have a phone, computer or laptop or iPad or tablet and highspeed internet to complete this program. I understand and agree that AFT/ HOA Training School reserves the right to update and/or substitute the content(s) of the program. I understand and agree that I will have designated months to complete the program listed on this enrollment agreement under the “PROGRAM SELECTION”, and extension fee applies to all extension beyond the end date (if applicable). I understand that upon completion of the program with 75% grades and all financial obligations, I will be awarded a certificate of completion from AFT/ HOA Training School. I also understand and agree that the above Training School reserves the right to cancel my program access if I do not demonstrate satisfactory progress in the program enrolled or do not pay my tuition fee as per my payment plan if i have selected a payment plan as a mode of payment. I will be responsible for the lost time and will have to make up for the classes. I also understand and agree that a late fee of $25 will be charged for each payment not paid on time. I further understand and agree that if my unpaid charges are not paid within 30 business days, AFT and HOA Training School reserves the right to cancel and/or suspend my enrollment on the 31st day and I will be required to pay my outstanding balance to resume classes.

If you are selecting a Payment Plan (Biweekly or Monthly Auto Pay) you must always have a valid credit or debit card on file.
Biweekly and Monthly Autopay: Payment plan options are a privilege offered and if the payments are declined, the payment plan will be canceled. You will be required to pay the balance in full to continue your program. To ensure this does not occur, please confirm that the credit or debit card on file has the amount required by your payment plan 2 to 3 business days prior to your autopay date.
By proceeding with this application you are agreeing to the payment plan policy.
I agree to the above {payment plan policy terms & conditions}.*
Yes, I understand that if my payment(s) are declined then my Payment plan will be canceled and that I will be required to pay the Balance in Full to continue the program. I also understand that it is my responsibility to make sure that the credit or debit card on file must have the amount required to pay the payments according to the payment plan.

The cost of credit is not included in the cash of this program. NOTICE: Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods and services obtained pursuant hereto with the proceeds hereof. Recovery hereunder by the debtor shall not exceed amounts paid by the debtor. If a student is granted a payment plan option said payments shall not exceed the agreed number of installments. All student balances must be paid as agreed of the last day of installments as determined by the Institution. There will be no carrying charges or services charges connected with these payments other than the cancellation and transferable fees referenced above. Upon the end of the contract, we reserve the right to employ all legal remedies to obtain outstanding balances, including the use of a collection agent.

In order for us to service our account or to collect any amounts you may owe, you agree we/assigned parties may contact you by the telephone number associated with your account, including wireless telephone numbers, which could result in charges to you. We/assigned parties may also contact you by sending text messages or e-mails, using any email address you have provided. Methods of contact may include but not limited to using pre-recorded /artificial voice messages and/or use of an automatic dialing device when applicable.
I/ We have read this disclosure and agree that the Lender/Creditor/Assigned parties may contact me/us as described above.
I understand that this application will not be completed until I have submitted a copy of all my required documents, including my High School transcript or GED certificate which can be found in my information letter. I also understand that falsification of any information on the application will be reason to deny my admission to the Phlebotomy program.
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