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In New Jersey, for more than 10 years, Hands of Angels Healthcare & Training Institute has offered dependable, and sympathetic medical and non-medical home healthcare services along with Allied Healthcare Training Programs.

Hands of Angels Health Care & Training Institute has made a name for itself as one of the leading organizations in New Jersey, by offering top-notch home care services and medical training to numerous communities. We are completely committed to assisting clients and their families in locating the appropriate level of care as well as offering a variety of Allied training to individuals. This is based on our longstanding relationships with all the neighborhood hospitals and nursing homes as well as our personal knowledge of the nuances of home care.

The need for home health care is something that Hands of Angels
Healthcare & Training Institute has first-hand experience with. It was
because of this encounter that gave us the love for helping others in
their time of need. 
If you have a loved one or know of anyone that may benefit from our
nursing care or wants a career in the healthcare industry, please call us
now for a free consultation 973-900-9021

Great Reasons Why They Choose US

Accredited Company
Hands of Angels Health Care is licensed, bonded, insured and CHAP Accredited(chapinc.org)
100% Guarantee
All our Angels and staff are licensed, insured, and undergo an intensive interview, health screening, training, background checks, and verification of credentials and references
Excellent Service
Hands of Angels Health Care is dedicated to giving our patients great care that is also caring.
Trained Staff
Our company recruits only highly qualified staff by rigorously verifying their credentials, references, background, and education, as well as continuously providing on-going training and education

1500 +


Special Services

Consider Hands of Angels Healthcare and
Institute for help with:

Reducing the length of stay in a hospital, nursing home or rehab facility
Wound Care
IV Therapy
Monitoring of a health condition being treated at home
Physical Therapy
Private Pay
Speech Therapy
Strategies and training for overcoming a new disability at home
Training with new medical equipment, therapeutic diet, or medications
Speech therapy down there and in speech therapy spoy put private pay


We Offer Top-Notch Medical Services

Services for Home Health Aides

License in the state of New Jersey through Consumer Affairs, there are numerous agencies to pick from, but we are a privately-owned agency that works closely with each client or family who phones us or visits our office. We work hard to produce exceptional results and take our responsibility to our clients extremely seriously.


Interested in becoming a Certified Home Health Aide or applying for one of our many other training courses through our national hybrid online partnership. This will allow you to work anywhere in the USA.

Our Facilities

We offer healthcare services to everyone

In our healthcare institution, our commitment to compassionate care extends to all our students who we train and our clients who seek our services. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is devoted to creating an atmosphere of empathy, kindness, and respect for everyone we serve. Whether you’re a student under our guidance or a cherished client in need of our care, our approach to healthcare is marked by unwavering dedication to your well-being. We recognize that every individual’s health and personal journey is unique, and we are here to provide tailored, compassionate care that addresses your specific needs. At our facility, you’ll discover a nurturing and supportive environment where your health and comfort take precedence. We are truly honored to support and guide both our students and clients along their paths to improved health and well-being with warmth, understanding, and expertise.

Available 24/7

Expert Nursing facility give us doctor on home service.

Free Consultation

Call us at 1-866-899-8950 or Contact us for more information

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    Our expert are always provide best health care service.


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    Inquiry about Our Trainings
    IV Therapy

    IV Therapy

    Stay Hydrated with our therapy
    Enjoy The Life

    Enjoy The Life

    Best Care given to everyone
    Nkeiru Ayeni
    Nkeiru Ayeni
    It was a great experience here
    Uchenna Mbolu
    Uchenna Mbolu
    It was a great experience.
    Fauziyya Allibay-Abdulkadir
    Fauziyya Allibay-Abdulkadir
    One of the best places to learn for any certification they offer. Completed the CHHA course and Melissa is a great helper. Nurse A is the best clinical aide I’ve had.
    Eugenia Black
    Eugenia Black
    Excellent staff. I highly recommend this company!
    Lovely Marfil
    Lovely Marfil
    I recently graduated from the 2-week online course for Home Health Aides and it has been an excellent experience. The instructor is knowledgeable about the topics and very proactive about student questions. Before enrolling to Hands of Angels, I've looked around for other learning institutes around Essex and they offer the cheapest, yet definitely high-quality training. I'm excited to get my license soon so I could start working with the agency.
    Angelo Bugay
    Angelo Bugay
    My dad has been their client for 2 months now and we are really satisfied with the caregiver that was assigned to us. She helps my dad in his laundry and also takes him out for morning sunshine. Another gesture that I appreciate with this agency is they call us every now and then to check on my dad's condition. I highly recommend this home health care for those around in Essex.
    joyce baumann
    joyce baumann
    The staff were really nice, and the CHHA they assigned to my father was skilled and trained. Highly-recommended home healthcare service.
    Bisi Ajayi
    Bisi Ajayi
    Hands of Angels is very warm and welcoming. They have great staff and faculty with excellent learning facilities. It was a great choice to study there!
    Phyllis P
    Phyllis P
    The team are very professional yet warm and receptive. The training facilities were very conducive and made learning a lot easier. The instructor has hands-on knowledge and experience on the course. I will recommend their services to anyone.
    Gorvy Gov
    Gorvy Gov
    A very good school with lots of facilities conducive for learning coupled with excellent teaching.It was an excellent experience all through.The HHA training was a world class one.Kudos to the staff and the management team.i will recommend this school to anybody.

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    Due to extreme cautions that need to be taken during Covid-19 Pandemic, our staff are trained to the latest mandates and medicine’s to ensure your loved one’s stays safe. Our medical staff practice sterilization techniques before ever entering your homes, so you can focus on recovery without fear.