People jump into healthcare for all kinds of reasons. It is a family tradition, you want to help people, you want to make a career change, these are just some of the motivations behind considering life choicesDeciding to join the medical field as a career can be overly exciting. Often, a lot of dedication and training are involved, so you want to be sure before you jump in.

Getting a position as a medical assistant, phlebotomist, or medical administrative can serve as a solid benchmark for determining your interest level in the medical field. These positions do not require years of education and can serve to expose you to medical environments without having you handle the difficult tasks of doctors. They can also clarify why you would initially enter the medical field.


Medical assistants are the basic healthcare units and vital key members of any healthcare foundation. They ensure that all administrative and clinical tasks, like lab tests, prescriptions, patient education vitals, etc., are completed for the smooth functioning of a medical facility. What is the highest pay for a medical assistant?

Based on our research, here are some of the higher paying medical assistant salaries:

1) Podiatry Medical Assistant – $65,000 per year. …

2) Ophthalmology Medical Assistant – $46,377 per year. …

3) Fertility Medical Assistant – $45,387 per year. …

4) Cardiology Medical Assistant – $41,600 per year.

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