So, are you thinking of engaging with a home health aide agency in New Jersey? 

Awesome! This article will help you decide whether hiring a home health aide (HHA) is the best for you or your loved ones. In a recent National Survey conducted by Capital Caring Health, it was discovered that close to 90% of Americans age 50 and older prefers to age at the comfort of their own home. This finding didn’t come as a surprise as familiarity with your environment promotes peace of mind and greater independence.

Aside from these, here are five more advantages of in-home care services:

Cheaper than Assisted Living Facility

Choosing home care is a cheaper and smarter option when thinking about the long-term. In 2019, it is estimated that the average cost of home health care in New Jersey is $4,767 per month or $57,204 per year. That is above the national rates, and yes, it is not the most affordable price either. However, if you compare that to the cost of an Assisted Living Facility, which stands monthly at $6,950 or $83,400 annually, you will now realize why many elderly opt for home health care instead.

Reduced Chances of Hospital Readmissions

Let’s face it. Staying a week in an intensive care unit at the hospital could cost more than a year of home health care. Aside from the expensive hospital bills, it is also much stressful to stay in hospitals these days because of the threat of Covid-19. A home health aide could help you prevent this by assisting you in managing your health conditions at home, such as reminding you to take your medicine, monitor your blood sugar or blood pressure, and wound care, among others.

Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Household Chores

You might have heard the term “Activities of Daily Living” or ADLs before, but if you are not in the healthcare field, you might simply have forgotten it. Basically, ADLs include eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, moving around from your bed, and other fundamental activities needed to care for yourself independently. Your home health aide can assist you in these activities, including simple house chores such as washing the dishes, light yard work, and even pet care to make your life more comfortable.

Personalized Care

Another reason why many elderly choose to have a home health aide in New Jersey is that it gives them the freedom on the type of care they need and want. For instance, they could request their favorite meal to be cooked if possible. The agency also conducts regular assessments to make sure that you and your family get along with your home health aide.

Reduced Burden and Guilt 

Children want the best for their elderly parents, but we get you. We understand that you also have life on your own, and maybe even a family. Knowing that your elderly parent is in a therapeutic environment will allow you to have more “me” time so you could also do what you love without the guilty feeling.

That’s a wrap! We hope that this article gave you a clearer idea about the benefits of having a home health aide.

If you are still looking for a Home Health Aide Agency in Union, Essex, Hudson or Passaic, County or still have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with Hands of Angels Healthcare. Call us at 973-900-9021 to get a FREE, no-obligation consultation.


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